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Patients with diabetes may benefit from the following services:

Wellness Gym Membership

Membership includes use of treadmills, rowers, ellipticals, bikes & Nu-Steps machines. Stretching, muscle conditioning & interval training classes are included.

Strong Women Program

Weight training program to increase your overall strength and flexibility, improve your bone density, tone and firm your body. Based on clinical research by Dr. Miriam Nelson, Tufts University.

Tai Chi / Chi Gong

Learn the art of moving and breathing mindfully with Chinese health exercises for the mind and body. Gain mental and physical strength; increase your sense of balance with tai chi movements; enhance your immune system and end enjoy increased energy with specific chi gong techniques.

The LEARN Program for Weight Control

The LEARN Program has been used for over 15 years as a safe and effective method for weight loss. The program was developed at Yale University by professionals in the areas of nutrition, exercise physiology and psychology, and is designed to help participants achieve permanent results. The program addresses five key areas that are essential to successful weight loss: lifestyle, exercise, attitudes, relationships and nutrition.

Total Body Conditioning

An energizing workout that includes cardio conditioning and strength training for all levels.

Wellness classes and services are offered at the following locations:

Wellness & Integrative Medicine Center, Salem
NSMC Union Hospital, Lynn
NSMC Outpatient Services, Danvers
NSMC Salem Hospital, Salem