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The NSMC Heart Center is the only team on the North Shore performing open-heart surgery and angioplasty, not to mention a full range of cardiac services. For many patients, access to these services saved their lives. Read their stories here.

Joanne Cunningham
Joanne Cunningham
Longtime Salem resident Joanne Cunningham's heart has always been filled with happiness. But this life full of love was unexpectedly interrupted when Cunningham's heart began to race uncontrollably, causing her to experience dizzy spells, shortness of breath and a great deal of discomfort.
Scott MacAllister
Scott MacAllister
It was a hot, sticky August morning, but Marblehead resident Scott MacAllister, 63, was not about to let the heat keep him from heading out for a run. He met up with longtime friend, Steve Flanagan, and the pair began their normal loop around Marblehead Neck.
Theresa Stablewski
Theresa Stablewski
Theresa Stablewski, 60, enjoyed playing tennis and was often spotted on long bike rides with her husband. She was fit and had no history of cardiac disease; cardiac problems were the last thing on her mind.
Gordon Hall
The next time you reach for the snooze button, think of Gordon Hall. While you are dozing off, the 79-year-old Marblehead dynamo is likely to be downhill or cross-country skiing, canoeing, or swimming.
Charles Medeiros
At 64 years old, Charles Medeiros was in great shape. He had both strength and stamina. But over the course of two years he began to notice himself slowing down.
Tom Tardiff
Racing from his job as a bar manager at Salem AOH to manage his son's Babe Ruth baseball team, then back home to spend time with his wife and three children, Tom Tardiff, a 48-year old Peabody (and former Salem) resident leads a very full life.
Bob Matthias
Bob Matthias, 55, of Lynn, arrived at NSMC's Emergency Department on a cold February night, all but unconscious. When he awoke in the NSMC Heart Center two days later, he learned how close he had come to dying.
Dave Fitzgerald
Dave Fitzgerald, 49, had just gotten off work and pulled into the drive-thru lane at his bank when he suddenly felt nauseated and experienced a tightness in his chest - he was having a heart attack. He slumped over and fell unconscious.