Press Items for Treatment: thoracic surgery

Outsmarting Cancer: Targeted Drugs Fight Lung Cancer
When Wilmington resident Joan O’Beirne, 68, started experiencing shortness of
breath during her daily activities, she had no idea what could be causing it or that
she was about to become part of a pioneering research study.
Breathing Easy Again
Cynthia McPherson battled constant wheezing, horrible coughs, bronchitis and upper respiratory infections. “It got so that I knew when it crossed from a cold into pneumonia and I’d go to my doctor or the emergency room for X-rays and medication,” says McPherson. What McPherson didn’t know was that a cancerous lesion was slowly growing on her right bronchi, one of the main airways in her lungs.
The Newest Standard of Care
70-year-old Barbara Schapero of Peabody was bothered by a nagging dry cough, so she went to see her primary care physician to have it checked out. X-rays and a CT scan showed an abnormality in her left lung that turned out to be cancer.