Patient and Family Support

Connecting families to comprehensive services

North Shore Medical Center’s primary care network connects patients and their families to many important services, including information and guidance on wellness and preventive medicine. If your child needs to see other specialists, our pediatric primary care physicians are a trusted source of referrals.

Preparing your child for a hospital visit

Guidance about how to discuss a hospital visit or hospitalization with your child is available, along with a basic checklist of what to pack. A child life specialist is available during peak hours to help explain treatments to children and to ease their fears.

Pediatric Hospitalists

Pediatric hospitalists work exclusively in the hospital. If your child is admitted to MassGeneral for Children at North Shore Medical Center, our team of pediatric hospitalists will manage his or her care during their stay. They will closely monitor your child and be accessible in cases of emergencies or if concerns arise. Our pediatric hospitalists know every specialist and department in the hospital, ensuring fast turnaround of tests and treatments. They will keep your child’s pediatrician informed and ensure a smooth transition of care back to the pediatrician after your child is discharged. If your child doesn’t have a regular pediatrician, our hospitalists can help you find one.

Family Resource Center

The Family Resource Center at MassGeneral for Children at North Shore Medical Center serves children, adolescents, families and professionals Marguerite Roberts, MS, NP, organizes and runs conferences, workshops and family support programs, and is on hand to assist you with your research needs. The Center also provides a range of resources through their Behavioral Health Library.