The board of ARI includes NSMC staff and representatives of the Norman H. Read Charitable Trust.

Ex Officio Voting Members

Nile L. Albright, MD

East Coast Representative for the Norman H. Read Charitable Trust

Robert G. Norton

President and CEO, NSMC

Mitchell S. Rein, MD

Chief Medical Officer and SVP for Medical Affairs, NSMC

David J. Roberts, MD


Chair, Medicine, NSMC

Marc S. Rubin, MD

Chair, Surgery, NSMC

Dennis Spear

Vice President, Amarillo National Bank, Asset Management Department

Ex Officio Non Voting Members

Martina B. Albright, PhD

Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School

Sara Andrews

VP, Development, NSMC

Barbara Corning-Davis, MS, CPHQ

Program Director of the Albright Read Institute, NSMC

Jennifer Costain, MS, CPHQ

VP of Performance Improvement and Patient Safety, NSMC

Barrett Tyler Kitch, MD


Director of Internal Medicine Residency Research Program, NSMC

Oliver Robinson

Staff, Advanced Medical Research Foundation

Beatrice Thibedeau, RN

Senior Vice President, Patient Care Services/Chief Nursing Officer, NSMC

Leadership, Faculty and Staff

Barbara Corning-Davis, MS, CPHQ  Program Director

Barrett Tyler Kitch, MD    Faculty

Christine Blaski, MD, Guest Faculty

David J. Roberts, MD, Physician Advisor

Christina Dalton, Program Coordinator
Tel: 978-354-2070

Duncan Phillips, Senior Project Advisor
Tel: 978-354-4737

Maureen Duram, RN, CPHQ, Improvement Advisor
Tel: 978-354-3004

Priya Hirway, Sc. M, Project Manager
Tel: 978-354-4044