Testimonials from recent and current students in our program.
The residents of the North Shore Medical Center testimonials
I am definitely feeling lucky to be part of the internal medicine program at NSMC. It was a big challenge for me to leave my beloved Colombia to become an internist in the U.S., but I have experienced personal and professional enrichment here at NSMC. This is a great team of wonderful people. Sandra Martinez, class of 2013

I came here for an observership and got a lot of my questions answered, which made NSMC my first choice. I was also impressed with the thorough rounds, availability of attendings and specialists, daily morning and noon reports, and frequent MGH rounds. During my interview I found a friendly and genuine atmosphere.
Avenir Mulita, class of 2014

During my visit to North Shore Medical Center, I liked the smiling faces of the residents and their impressive teaching during the morning report. I felt I would get the ‘one-on-one’ attention that I need during my residency years in this program. Everyone seemed approachable and very knowledgeable. I now know my observation was correct. The location is the icing on the cake, as I have always wanted to live near water. I am enjoying learning/working here.  Meenakshi Kundi, class of 2014

North Shore Medical Center's internal medicine program was my first choice when I was rating the program. Gopakumar Nair, class of 2012

I chose this program because of its proximity to Boston and for the friendly work environment.
Ashmeet Bhatia, class of 2012

I like the small size of the program, its location and its affiliation with MGH.  Laura Amorese, class of 2012

The supportive environment of this program makes it easy to work everyday.  Supapan Nualpring, class of 2013

During my interview I found a very friendly atmosphere, which made it easy for me to see myself as part of NSMC internal medicine residency group.   Saadia Qazi, class of 2014