Salem Hospital, a member of Mass General Brigham, is a private, non-profit organization, governed by a local board of trustees.

Meet our Trustees

Senior Management

  • Charles Adams, Senior Vice President, Finance, and Chief Financial Officer
  • Sara Andrews, Senior Vice President, Development
  • Janet Barnes, Vice President, of Quality and Patient Safety and Chief Compliance Officer
  • Mark Blass, Executive Director, North Shore Health System
  • Paul Cushing, Office of the General Counsel
  • Mary Jo Gagnon, Senior Vice President, Operations
  • Francis X. Hinckley, Vice President and Chief Information Officer
  • Kevin J. Inman, R.N., M.S.N., Sr. Vice President, Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer
  • Steven E. Kapfhammer, President and COO, North Shore Physicians Group 
  • Katina McKinney, Vice President, Human Resources
  • Mitchell S. Rein, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, Senior Vice President for Medical Affairs
  • David J. Roberts, M.D., President of Salem Hospital
  • Roxanne Ruppel, Senior Vice President, Operations

Medical Leadership


  • Miriam Neuman, M.D., President of the Medical Staff
  • Vinod Narra, M.D., Secretary Treasurer of Medical Staff
  • James Demetroulakos, M.D., Immediate Past President
  • Mitchell S. Rein, M.D., Chief Medical Officer and Sr. V.P. Medical Affairs

Department Chairs and Vice Chairs


  • Chair -- Johanna O'Connor, M.D.
  • Vice Chair -- Wilfred R. Lewis, M.D.


  • Chair -- Phillip L. Rice, Jr. M.D.

Family Medicine

  • Chair -- Keith C. Nobil, M.D.
  • Vice Chair -- Natasha Shah, M.D.


  • Chair -- Patrick T. Lee, M.D.
  • Vice Chair -- Patrick L. Gordan, M.D., M.B.A.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

  • Chair -- Allyson L. Preston, M.D.
  • Vice Chair -- Alexy Kochowiec, M.D.

Orthopedic Surgery

  • Chair -- Todd O'Brien, M.D.


  • Chair -- Bruce A. Beckwith, M.D.
  • Vice Chair -- Mark Tulecke, M.D.


  • Chair -- Brian P. Sanders, M.D.
  • Vice Chair -- Cara O'Connor, M.D.


  • Chair -- Mark Schechter, M.D.
  • Vice Chair -- Patricia M. Walsh, M.D.

Radiation Oncology

  • Chair -- James Francis McIntyre, M.D.


  • Chair -- Miriam Neuman, M.D.
  • Vice Chair -- John P. Murray, M.D.


  • Chair -- Marc Rubin, M.D.

Department of Medicine

  • Chair of Medicine -- Patrick T. Lee, M.D.
  • Chief of Allergy, James A. MacLean, M.D.
  • Chief of Cardiology, Howard Waldman, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Chief of Dermatology, Jordan Cummins, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Chief of Endocrinology, Paul M. Copeland, M.D.
  • Chief of Gastroenterology, Ronald C. Hartfelder, M.D.
  • Chief of General Medicine, Maury E. McGough, M.D.
  • Chief of Hematology/Oncology, Joel H. Schwartz, M.D.
  • Chief of Hospital Medicine,  Mona Hinrichsen, M.D.
  • Chief of Infectious Diseases, Ruta Shah, M.D., Ph.D
  • Chief of Nephrology, Mitchell S. Jacobson, M.D.
  • Chief of Neurology, Marc Weiskopf, M.D.
  • Chief of Palliative Care, Coleen Reid, M.D.
  • Chief of Pulmonary/Critical Care & Sleep Medicine, Patrick L. Gordan, M.D., M.B.A.
  • Chief of Rheumatology, Khalid M. Syed, M.D.

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

  • Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Allyson L. Preston, M.D.
  • Chief of Gynecology, Christopher Coffey, M.D.

Department of Pediatrics

  • Chair of Pediatrics -- Brian P. Sanders, M.D.
  • Chief of Pediatric Neurology -- Edgar Y. Oppenheimer, M.D.
  • Interim Chief of Neonatal Medicine -- Kathryn Nathe, M.D.

Department of Radiology

  • Chief of Interventional Radiology, Pauline M. Bishop, M.D.

Department of Surgery

  • Chair of Surgery -- Marc Rubin, M.D.
  • Chief of General Surgery -- William V. Kastrinakis, M.D.
  • Chief of Neurosurgery -- Terence P. Doorly, M.D.
  • Chief of Ophthalmology -- Krisha V. Gaddipati, M.D.
  • Chief of Oral Surgery -- Bart Blaeser, DM.D.
  • Chief of Otolaryngology -- James L. Demetroulakos, M.D.
  • Chief of Pediatric Surgery -- Daniel P. Doody, M.D.
  • Chief of Plastic Surgery -- Heather R. Faulkner, M.D., M.P.H.
  • Chief of Podiatry -- Paul Peicott, DPM
  • Chief of Thoracic Surgery -- Christopher R. Morse, M.D.
  • Chief of Urology -- Thomas E. Kingston, M.D.
  • Chief of Vascular Surgery -- Richard D. Goodenough, M.D.