Classes and Wellness

Wellness classes and services for pregnant patients:

Childbirth Education 

Childbirth education classes are offered at different times and days, depending on the course. Topics covered include:

  • What to expect during labor, delivery and the early postpartum period
  • Physical, emotional and sexual changes during pregnancy
  • Relaxation skills
  • Comfort measures and breathing strategies during labor
  • Tips for partners
  • Possible complications during pregnancy
  • Cesarean section delivery vs. vaginal delivery
  • Pain management choices
  • Infant care
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If you are a new mom looking for breastfeeding support, we encourage you to attend our free weekly support group. Details about the group are found here.

Post-natal Massage for Parents

Massage Therapy stimulates circulation, relaxes muscles and reduces tension. It helps increase flexibility and range of motion as well as providing a sense of deep relaxation and greater vitality. Massage may help lower stress hormones and aid in more restful sleep.

Meditation, Relaxation & Mindfulness

Experience, enjoy and learn effective and research-proven approaches for stress management. These practices have been documented to reduce anxiety, regulate blood pressure and increase mental clarity and focus. Whether you are a new or experienced student, this class provides the opportunity to learn simple techniques, ask questions and experience meditation with a group.


Hypnotherapy is conducted in a safe, relaxed setting by a trained professional. The clinical hypnotherapist uses guided imagery, progressive muscle relaxation, visualization, and positive affirmations to create healthy life changes.


Reiki can help to provide relaxation, relieve pain and muscle tension, decrease stress, expand one’s energy, enhance the immune system, create a profound sense of inner peace and well-being, and bring about significant positive change for the person receiving it. Reiki produces a deeply soothing and restorative experience.

Wellness classes and services are offered at the following locations:

Wellness & Integrative Medicine Center, Salem
NSMC Union Hospital, Lynn
NSMC Outpatient Services, Danvers
NSMC Salem Hospital, Salem