Pain Management Options

Several options for pain relief are offered during labor, including some that do not require medication. You can use these in combination or at different points during your labor.


Anesthesiologists are available around the clock to provide a variety of pain management options.

  • Most typical is an epidural block, which is administered through a tiny tube inserted in your lower back. Epidural blocks are used to relieve pain from the waist down and enable mothers to rest during the most strenuous part of labor while their cervix is dilating, saving their strength for pushing in the later stages of labor. 
  • Pain medication may also be administered through the IV or by injection. Local anesthesia may be used to numb the pain of an episiotomy incision or vaginal tearing.

Relaxation and Pain Management Options for Unmedicated Labor

  • Our labor and delivery rooms have both shower and whirlpool tub, which you may use as you wish to help manage labor pain.
  • Birthing balls are available to help relieve backache and promote pelvic rocking and relaxation.
  • You may bring in a CD player or MP3 device and speakers to play any music or relaxation program.
  • The hospital’s television system has a relaxation program you may want to use.
  • Our labor and delivery beds can be positioned to assist with any desired pushing position.

Nitrous oxide

Nitrous oxide helps you manage pain and improve your labor experience. It is self-administered using a mask inhaler, giving you complete control. You simply take a few breaths of the nitrous oxide at the beginning of a contraction to help alleviate the pain, and within a minute it leaves your system. Learn more