Recovery Post-Labor

Visitors, Visiting Hours, Health, Safety and Privacy

After your baby is born, a complete physical assessment of you and your child will be performed. Throughout your stay, physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers will continually assess you and your baby for changes in health.

  • Family and friends may visit between 2 – 8 p.m.  Your support person may stay overnight.

  • Your baby’s grandparents and siblings may visit at any time.

  • Non-sibling children under the age of 12 are not permitted to visit.

  • For the health of all the babies in the Birthplace, visitors should be in good health and properly immunized.

  • To maintain a restful environment, we request that no cell phones be used in your birthing suite. 

  • Cell phones may be used in the family waiting room.

  • Cameras and video cameras are prohibited during the delivery process, but you may use them after the birth of your baby.

  • We have partnered with Our 365 WebNursery to make it easy for our patients to share photos of their newborn babies with friends and family. Learn more

  • To protect your privacy, our staff cannot give out information to your waiting family or friends or those who call to check on your status.

  • You will have a telephone in your labor room and after you are admitted you can provide that number to your family and friends. Be sure to let your nurse know if you do not want calls sent to your room.

  • For everyone’s health, NSMC prohibits smoking in all buildings, grounds and parking lots. If you are a smoker please talk to your nurse or obstetrical care provider about options during your hospital stay.