North Shore Medical Center offers complete family-focused care, from early pregnancy through labor, birth and support after you return home. Our board-certified obstetricians, anesthesiologists, experienced nurses, certified nurse midwives and neonatologists work as a team to assist patients with the entire birth and recovery process. Our neonatologists are on staff at both North Shore Medical Center and Massachusetts General Hospital and follow the same high standards for care.  We are experienced with high-risk pregnancies and equally skilled at addressing the concerns of first-time mothers. Learn more

Video tour of The Birthplace

Please join us for a short video tour of our Birthplace, where you'll meet staff and patients and learn about the many services and amenities available. Watch video

Baby and You: Together from the Start

The first few days of your baby’s life are an important time for you to bond and learn about each other. Your baby will stay in your room, and our nursery staff is available if you need any assistance. Our doctors and nurses will come to your room to perform any exams or vaccinations, allowing you to be part of the process. In addition, our nurses and breastfeeding experts will be there to coach you on bathing, diaper changes, umbilical cord care, feeding and caring for your newborn.

Rest Safe and Secure

Immediately after delivery, you, your birthing partner and new baby will get matching identification bands that are checked any time you and your baby are separated or reunited. These bar-coded bands are also scanned any time medication is given to you or your child to verify that the medication and dosage are correct. For your safety and security, the Birthplace has restricted access and all visitors must be buzzed in by our staff. Your baby will also wear a HUGS security band, which activates an alarm and locks all access to outside doors if a baby is brought too close to an exit.

Level II Special Care Nursery

Our Level II Special Care Nursery is equipped with advanced technology for premature infants and babies who experience problems at birth.

High-Risk Pregnancies

The Birthplace is affiliated with maternal-fetal medicine specialists (perinatologists) from Massachusetts General Hospital who care for women with high-risk pregnancies. Patients see these specialists close to home at the Mass General/North Shore Center for Outpatient Care in Danvers. Learn more about high-risk pregnancy conditions we treat and services we provide.
Through this program most of our high-risk pregnancy patients are able to deliver their babies safely at the NSMC Birthplace. Patients who require more advanced care can be transitioned seamlessly to Massachusetts General Hospital as needed.

NSMC Birthplace and Special Care Nursery (SCN) Visiting Information

  • 2 visitors permitted in the Labor Room
  • 2 visitors at a time in the Special Care Nursery
  • Spouses or partners, and grandparents and siblings may visit at any time; 2 - 8 p.m. are visiting hours for those who are not immediate family
  • All visitors will be health screened for the protection of mothers and infants  
  • No visitors under 18 except siblings of the patient