Stereotactic Radiosurgery

Stereotactic Radiosurgery Radiation Therapy
Stereotactic radiosurgery is actually a highly-targeted form of radiation therapy, and does not involve traditional surgery or incisions. Stereotactic radiation is often used to treat tumors that are close to critical structures of the body, such as the brain or spine. The precise delivery created by this technique allows an oncologist to treat the tumor while helping to spare healthy surrounding tissue.

We perform two cutting-edge types of stereotactic radiosurgery:

  • Frameless Stereotactic Radiation

When stereotactic radiation was first developed, it required a metal frame attached to the patient’s skull by pins, which could not be removed for the duration of treatment. We provide frameless stereotaxy using an advanced delivery system that allows us to pinpoint the correct treatment area by making minute adjustments in our equipment. This allows our patients to receive the most accurately-directed dose of radiation for tumors of the head and neck without the discomfort of an attached frame.

  • Full-body Stereotactic Radiation

We are one of only a few centers in New England to provide full-body stereotaxy to treat tumors throughout the body, particularly those close to the spine, heart or other critical areas. This form of radiation is also frameless, allowing targeted treatment to all areas of the body.