Cardio Vascular Surgeons

Find world-class cardio vascular surgeons at North Shore Medical Center.

Patients who require cardio vascular surgery will find exceptional cardio vascular surgeons at North Shore Medical Center (NSMC), the only program on the North Shore offering cardiac surgery and elective and emergency angioplasty.

Our North Shore surgery program includes cardio vascular surgeons who hold joint appointments at NSMC and Massachusetts General Hospital. In addition to cardiac surgery and angioplasty, the NSMC Heart Center offers general and interventional cardiology, including cardiac exams and services. Our cardio vascular surgeons work in close collaboration with nurses, clinical assistants, administrator and support staff, as well as other North Shore physicians. Together they provide patients the highest level of compassionate, professional care.

NSMC's cardio vascular surgeons perform comprehensive treatment and procedures.

NSMC's expert physicians and cardio vascular surgeons provide a wide range of treatments and procedures for cardio vascular disease, including:
  • Cardiac valve surgery, where cardiac surgeons repair diseased or damaged valves, or to replace valves with mechanical or bioprosthetic valve.
  • Coronary artery bypass surgery, or coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), where surgeons use arteries or veins from other parts of the body to create a bypass around a diseased portion of the heart and improve blood flow to the heart. The procedure may also involve off-pump/beating heart surgery, arterial grafts and endoscopic vein/artery harvesting.
  • Operations for trauma to the heart and/or great vessels
  • Repair of a broad range of congenital heart defects
  • Resection of cardiac tumors, where cardio vascular surgeons remove tumors in the heart that may be restricting blood flow
  • Maze procedure, where surgeons treat atrial fibrillation by using incisions to create scar tissue that disrupt the path of abnormal electrical impulses.

Cardio vascular risk reduction programs provide ongoing support for patients.

NSMC's cardio vascular surgeons work closely with the NSMC Heart Center to connect patients with ongoing education and support for successful treatment of heart disease. Programs offered to patients include a diabetes management program and Wellness and Integrative Medicine classes and services.

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