Employee Exit Process

Prior to retiring or leaving a position at NSMC, employees are encouraged to review the information below to ensure the continuation of any benefits to which they are entitled.

NSMC Property/Paycheck/Account Access

  • All NSMC property must be returned.
  • Password and account access end your last date of employment, so please be sure to review and remove any personal e-mail you may need. Remember that your e-mail, just like your computer, belongs to NSMC. You will not be able to retrieve any personal e-mail after your last day. 
  • If you are no longer in your probationary period, you will receive any Earned Time remaining in your Earned Time Bank.
  • If you have a new address, please log into Peoplesoft > Employee Self Service>Personal Information>Personal Information Summary, before you leave to update your address. NSMC will use this information to send you your paychecks, tax and benefits statements.
  • Changes of address after you leave should be communicated to Human Resources directly so that your W-2 can be sent to the correct location.


Benefits will terminate at midnight on your last date of employment.

Health Insurance

  • COBRA allows you to temporarily continue your medical, dental, vision, and prescription coverage. You should receive a COBRA packet in your home mail approximately 7 – 10 business days following your last date of employment in PeopleSoft. The third party administrator for COBRA is Benefit Concepts. Benefit Concepts can be reached at 1-800-969-2009.
  • If you wish to continue your current health and prescription benefits, complete the election form in the COBRA packet and return it to Benefits Concepts with a check for the amount of the benefits that you are continuing. You will have 60 days from the date you receive the COBRA packet to elect to continue your health and prescription benefits. Benefits are retroactive to your last date of employment, so there is no gap in coverage. The cost of your first payment will be retroactive to your termination date.

Life insurance

  • Your life insurance coverage ends on your last date of employment effective date. At that time, you may convert your life insurance that your employer currently provides for you, and your optional employee, spouse and child coverage, to an Individual Whole Life Insurance Policy.
  • If you would like to find out the current conversion rates for an individual policy, call Anthem Life at 1-800-801-6142. The policy number is 28518-GI.
  • If you are interested in converting your policy you must submit a conversion form to Anthem Life Insurance Company within the “Conversion Period,” the 31-day period following the last day of employment. To obtain a Conversion form please contact the Benefits Office at 617-726-8133 or email them.

Long term Care Insurance

  • Long-Term Care insurance can be continued through John Hancock. Call 1-800-560-4111.

Health Care Flexible Spending Account

  • Health Care Flexible Spending Account reimbursements are allowed for services incurred through the last date of employment. Fill out the appropriate forms and send them to Partners HealthCare, Benefits Dept., 101 Merrimac St., 5th Floor, Boston, MA 02114. Please call (617) 726-8133 to obtain forms.
  • Claims must be submitted by 03/31 of the following year from your termination date.
  • To submit expenses incurred after your last date of employment you must continue to contribute to the plan via FSA COBRA. A packet will be mailed to you with more information if you are enrolled in the account.

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

  • The Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account reimbursements are allowed for services incurred through the end of the calendar year in which employment ends, up to the amount contributed as of the termination date. 
  • Fill out the appropriate forms and send them to Partners HealthCare, Benefits Dept., 101 Merrimac St., 5th Floor, Boston, MA 02114. Call (617) 726-8133 to obtain forms.

Retirement Funds

(NSMC Salem Hospital and North Shore Physicians Group)

  • Individuals can leave their existing contributions in their Partners Tax-Sheltered Annuity (TSA) account so that they continue to grow on a tax-deferred basis at the same rate as active participants. Alternately, individuals may roll over their funds into another eligible TSA (for example, one offered by a new employer) or cash out the TSA subject to applicable taxes. Participants may be eligible to withdraw a portion of TSA funds without facing a tax penalty if the participant is at least age 55. For participants who wish to roll over or cash out their TSA, contact Fidelity at 1-855-999-1747 for a distribution form and further instructions on how to access your account.
(NSMC Union Hospital)

  • If you terminate after completing at least five years of service, you may be entitled to a deferred vested benefit commencing on your normal retirement date. Contact the Benefits office to request a retirement packet at 617-726-8133.