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Diabetes Support Group
Support group for those with diabetes.
Starts: 8/1/2007
Ends: 12/31/2015
When: Ongoing monthly every third Thursday. Takes place at either NSMC Salem Hospital or at NSMC Union Hospital.
Where: NSMC Union Hospital
Instructor: Jean Bianchetto, MS, RD, LDN or Kris Devin, RN, CDE
Davenport Room 101 at NSMC Salem Hospital South B conference room at NSMC Union Hospital
Registration is not available at this time.
Free support group for those with diabetes. The group alternately meets at NSMC Salem Hospital or NSMC Union Hospital on the third Thursday of every month and includes a featured speaker. Meeting times are either 1 - 2 p.m. or 6 -7 p.m. depending on the location.

Facilitators for the support group are Jean Bianchetto, MS, RD, CDE, and Kris Devin, RN, CDE. 

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