The Diabetes Management Program at North Shore Medical Center helps patients and their families learn the necessary skills for managing diabetes through diet, medication and exercise. Our multidisciplinary team includes primary care physicians, case managers and certified diabetes educators who are nurses and dietitians. Endocrinologists, ophthalmologists, and podiatrists also contribute to the care of our patients. Most health insurance policies cover all or a portion of this program. We offer a free monthly Diabetes Support Group as well as self-management education classesLearn more

Physician referral

Diabetes Management Program

  • Individualized assessment by diabetes educators
  • Goal setting for optimal blood sugar management
  • Nutritional assessment, recommendations and meal planning
  • Instruction in blood sugar monitoring
  • Recommendations for oral medication and/or insulin adjustment
  • Insulin pump education
  • Gestational diabetes assessment and management

Self-Management Education Classes

We offer diabetes self-management education (DSME) classes that meet once a month for 90 minutes at NSMC Union Hospital.

Class 1:   On the Road to Better Managing Diabetes.
Class 2:   Diabetes and Healthy Eating.
Class 3:   Monitoring Blood Glucose.

Patients are not required to take part in the NSMC Diabetes Management Program in order to participate in the DSME classes.

Candidates for group classes include:

  • Patients newly diagnosed with diabetes
  • Patients with a diabetes diagnosis but no prior education
  • Patients who need a refresher due to outdated information or a change in their treatment status
  • Patients with no barriers to group participation (i.e. language and visual or hearing impairment)
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Please call 781.477.3409 to register. Appointments are held at NSMC Union Hospital.