Using the NSMC Find a Doctor Search

Filtered search 

Our physician search site uses "dynamic filtering" to bring you results that match your criteria. This filtering minimizes the chance that you will come up with "0" results. If you have ever shopped online, you have probably experienced dynamic filtering before.

How it works

If you were to choose "Internal Medicine" under Specialty, the cities shown lower in the page would be just the cities where internal medicine physicians practice.

If you were to then select the city of Salem after selecting Internal Medicine, you will be shown all internal medicine physicians practicing in Salem.

Click the red X or click New Search

If you want to start a fresh search, you may either click the New Search button or you may unclick the red Xs next to your current search criteria. Both will bring you back to a full list of NSMC physicians and you can then select new criteria.

Share page or print page

Click print page to get a clean print of your results. You may also share your results.

You have the choice of seeing 10, 25 or 50 results per page. You may also sort A-Z. 

Get a designed PDF of any page

Designed PDFs are available for any search result. They feature: 

--table of contents
--relevant physician profile information
--index of physicians

If you would like to speak to one of our Referral Coordinators, please call 877-676-2637.