Gastric Banding Procedure

North Shore Medical Center offers the laparoscopic gastric banding procedure.

Patients considering weight loss surgery can undergo a gastric banding procedure at North Shore Medical Center, the largest and most successful surgical weight loss program on the North Shore.

Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding is a type of weight loss surgery. A gastric banding procedure involves several small cuts to the abdomen, through which the gastric band surgeon uses microscopic tools to place an adjustable band around the top portion of the stomach. The band creates a smaller pouch for food, causing the patient to feel full after eating a small amount of food and enabling significant weight loss.

Is it right for me?

The gastric banding procedure may be recommended for people who have unsuccessfully tried other plans. Gastric banding surgeons usually recommend a banding procedure for patients with a body mass index (BMI) of more than 40, or for patients with a lower BMI who also have a medical condition such as hypertension, heart disease or type 2 diabetes.

North Shore Medical Center offers frequent information seminars for people considering bariatric (weight loss) surgery. You'll learn about the variety of procedures available, including gastric banding, and have a chance to meet the surgeons and get answers to your questions.

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Why choose North Shore Medical Center for your gastric banding procedure?

Our surgical weight loss program is ranked as a Level 1A Bariatric Surgery Center by the Bariatric Surgery Center Network Accreditation Program of the American College of Surgeons. We perform more than 200 procedures each year. Our patients participate in an extensive evaluation prior to surgery, including a stress test used for cardiac evaluation, and discuss with their bariatric surgeon the variety of bariatric procedure options. Our surgeons work with each patient to select the procedure that is likely to work best for them. Patients also receive intensive post-operative support that includes medically supervised cardiovascular risk reduction, achieved through exercise, nutrition counseling, education and peer support.

Results from our gastric bypass and banding procedures.

Patients at North Shore Medical Center lose 100 lbs on average in the year following their gastric banding procedure or other weight loss surgery. Our patients also have significantly reduced their co-morbidities – heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and sleep apnea – at rates that far exceed the national averages.

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