Preparing for Your Visit

Physician Order Required

We do our best to accommodate the needs of each patient when we schedule appointments. Please note that a written or electronic order signed by your referring physician must be faxed to the Infusion Center before you book an appointment for any treatment or procedure. 

Hours and Fax

NSMC Union Hospital          M-F  7:30 – 5         Fax:  781.596.8416      

NSMC Salem Hospital         T & W 7:30 – 3    Th  7:30 – 2     Fax:  978.825.6112 

Parking - Lynn campus

Designated parking spaces for the Infusion Center are in the South entrance parking lot, as well as handicap spaces for those who require them. View campus parking

Parking - Salem campus

When you arrive at the Salem campus, park in the vicinity of MassGeneral for Children at North Shore Medical Center. Handicap spaces are available in front of the Emergency Department. View campus parking

Registration - Lynn campus

Registration is located inside the Infusion Center at West Ground. You may use the Infusion Center phone in the waiting room to notify staff of your arrival. Check in with the secretary to finish the registration process.

Registration - Salem campus

Enter through the front door of MassGeneral for Children at North Shore Medical Center and you will see a sign for registration to the right. After you are registered you may use the Infusion Center phone to notify staff of your arrival. It is located on the wall outside the Emergency Department, with the center's phone number on it.

Referrals/ pre-authorizations

Some insurances plans may require a referral or pre-authorizations from your provider prior to obtaining any services. As a patient, you are responsible for securing a referral prior to making an appointment.


Patients are welcome to bring a family member or friend to sit with them during a visit to the Infusion Center at NSMC Union Hospital. There is limited room at Salem. Patients are welcome to bring someone to the appointment, but that person may need to be seated just outside the room during the visit.