COVID-19 NSMC Updates

Patients and Visitors -- Salem Hospital

Masking Policy: Applies to All

North Shore Medical Center and all Partners HealthCare hospitals are implementing a new masking policy, beginning today. This is to ensure the safety of everyone inside. If you are a visitor and meet the specific criteria for entering one of our facilities, you will now be provided a mask by one of our screeners at the door. The screener will ensure that you sanitize your hands and don the mask properly. You will be given a paper bag as well, in which to discard your mask upon exiting the building or to store the mask if you need to remove it during your visit. This applies to everyone:

  • All patients in any of our clinical facilities (Emergency Department, inpatient areas, outpatient areas) must wear the masks provided for the duration of the time in our facility.
  • Visitors include EMS personnel, law enforcement, vendors
  • Inpatients must wear the mask while outside of their room or during prolonged face-to-face encounters in their rooms.

Limited Entrances

To protect our community and mitigate the spread of COVID-19, we will be limiting the number of entrances patients and visitors may use to access Salem Hospital. Ample patient parking is available near the accessible entrances and transport personnel will be available for those who could use some assistance getting to where they are going.

  • Patients with a medical emergency should continue to use our Emergency Department, open 24/7 and located on the Jefferson Avenue side of the Salem Hospital campus.
  • Mothers in labor and their birth partners should continue to use the Birthplace entrance. To access, enter the Salem Hospital campus and follow signs to the Birthplace.
  • On weekdays, between 6 a.m. and 5 p.m., patients and visitors with all other needs are asked to use the MassGeneral for Children's entrance, on the Highland Avenue side of the campus.
  • On nights and weekends, please use the Davenport 1 Entrance to the left of the Emergency Department.
  • All other entrances will be closed to patients and visitors.
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No-Visitor Policy with exceptions for specific criteria

Exceptions to visitor restrictions:

  • Selected critical care patients
  • Pediatric – one parent or guardian only
  • Birthplace - One support person may accompany/visit pregnant/postpartum mothers
  • Special Care Nursery – Two parents or one parent and one support person may accompany/visit a neonatal patient
  • Inpatient Psychiatry – at discretion of care team based on legal and clinical requirements
  • ED/Outpatient – one attendant per patient if necessary

In addition, all visitors who meet the exception criteria will be screened for COVID-19 risk before being permitted to visit or accompany patients in NSMC facilities. We appreciate the importance of family and friends during illness, but in light of the Coronavirus outbreak, must follow these guidelines to protect patients and staff.