Press Items for Condition: colorectal cancer

Colonoscopy Leads to Cancer Discovery for Salem Resident
It was Christmas Eve when Salem resident Michael Cocozella received a call informing him that he had rectal cancer. On the other end of the phone was North Shore Medical Center (NSMC) gastroenterologist Joshua Namias, M.D., whom Cocozella had seen two days prior for a routine colonoscopy. 
Early Detection Danvers Man Thankful for Colonoscopy
“It’s clear that screening can save lives but, unfortunately, statistics show that too many people avoid it,” said Gregg Brodsky, M.D. “Early detection is important and everyone needs to be proactive in assessing their risk of colon cancer.” The most popular method for screening, the colonoscopy, is a painless test that allows your doctor to look at the inner lining of your large intestine.