Press Items for Treatment: electrophysiology

Finding her Rhythm
For more than a decade, Nicole Smith, 33, of Lynn suffered from what she thought were panic attacks. At least once a month, without any advance warning, her heart would race uncontrollably for short bursts of time—usually just a few minutes—leaving her a bit dizzy and lightheaded when it stopped. A physician she saw as a teenager prescribed an anti-anxiety medication to help her manage her stress.
Surviving Sudden Death
Theresa Stablewski, 60, enjoyed playing tennis and was often spotted on long bike rides with her husband. She was fit and had no history of cardiac disease; cardiac problems were the last thing on her mind. “My son always joked that I was healthier than he was.”
Keeping Pace With a Busy Life
Racing from his job as a bar manager at Salem AOH to manage his son's Babe Ruth baseball team, then back home to spend time with his wife and three children, Tom Tardiff, a 48-year old Peabody (and former Salem) resident leads a very full life. But three years ago, while giving a presentation at work, he felt lightheaded and dizzy, his color paled and he needed to sit down.