Press Items for Treatment: orthopedic surgery

The Long Game: Advanced Fracture Care Gets Peabody Man Back On Course
The last thing anyone on vacation wants is to get sick or hurt away from home. But on a trip to Bermuda last July, Steve Caruso, 27, of Peabody lost control of the moped he was driving while trying to avoid an oncoming car. When he crashed to the ground, the full weight of the moped landed on his left arm and snapped his humerus just above the elbow. Determined to enjoy the rest of his trip, Caruso opted for a plaster cast at the local hospital until he could return home for more advanced care. The next days were a far cry from the golf-and-beach getaway he had imagined.
Back on the Homefront
“The military is my passion, but the sacrifice my wife and kids make when I’m gone is hard on us all,” says Dr. Peterson, the father of three children. “Leaving my wife to play the role of both mom and dad is always difficult, but it is truly an honor to put on the uniform and serve my country in any way that I can.”
On the Move
To say that Marblehead resident and kindergarten teacher Debra Geaney, 63, is an active woman would be an understatement. A former collegiate gymnast, she has enjoyed athletic pursuits over the years, including ski racing, triathlons, biking, spinning, golfing and even piloting planes.
On the Fairway: Danvers Golfer Trades Constant Pain for Hip Replacement
At the advice of his primary care physician, Anthony Conti, a veteran machinist at Hansen Engineering in Danvers and an avid golfer, went to see NSMC orthopedic surgeon William Murzic, M.D. Dr. Murzic was able to relieve the pain with a cortisone injection, but warned Conti that the relief was only temporary. “As soon as my son’s wedding was over the pain returned and I was back in Dr. Murzic’s office scheduling surgery for a total hip replacement.”
Knee Replacement is Music to Marblehead Composer
“I exercise, golf, ride a bike, and ski,” explains Mason Daring. “I did all these things before my surgery too, but I was always in pain. It got to the point where I had to do something about it.”
Looking for a Shoulder to Lean On
Alfred Newman, of Peabody, could bear with most of the aches and pains in his shoulders, chalking it up to getting older. But when the retired carpenter and electrical engineer started struggling to put his belt on and to even get himself dressed, he knew he needed to take action.
An End to Knee Pain
Now with a full range of motion in her knees, Carol Wadsworth is looking forward to returning to her love of horseback riding.
For State-of-the-Art Care, There's No Place Like Home
Mary Conlon had her first child at NSMC Union Hospital in 1953, and she and her family have been receiving care at the 150-bed community hospital in Lynn ever since. Recently, the great-grandmother came to NSMC Salem Hospital because of chronic lower back pain.