Patient Stories

On a trip to Bermuda a few summers ago, Steve Caruso, 27, of Peabody lost control of the moped he was driving while trying to avoid an oncoming car. When he crashed to the ground, the full weight of the moped landed on his left arm and snapped his humerus just above the elbow. 

“Steve’s injury was similar in severity and complexity to many of the trauma cases we see in our practice,” says Dr. Todd O’Brien, Chair of Orthopedic Surgery. “With these injuries, our goal is to realign the fractured bone, protect the range of motion and preserve the health of the joint—in this case, the elbow.” For Caruso, the surgery and its outcome had higher-than-average stakes. Certified by the Professional Golf Association (PGA), he not only competed as a golfer but worked as an instructor and pro at the Thomas Country Club in North Reading. Learn more