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Pediatric patients may benefit from the following:

Fun & Fit: Exercise Program for Overweight Teens

Exercise program for overweight teens ages 10 – 15 offered in a private, safe and supervised setting. Students will learn how to create healthy changes, increase self confidence, lose weight and have fun. A trainer will motivate and teach your teen proper use of gym exercise equipment, proper form using weights, balls, and resistance bands. Group exercises to include obstacle courses, games, yoga, meditation, relaxation and nutritional counseling.

Yoga for Youth

Children ages 11-17 learn about the history and art of yoga while experiencing it. Through yoga they learn to control anxiety and depression, become stronger and more flexible, and build self confidence. Classes include breath work, movement, relaxation and meditation. 

Wellness classes and services are offered at the following locations:

Wellness & Integrative Medicine Center, Salem
NSMC Union Hospital, Lynn
NSMC Outpatient Services, Danvers
NSMC Salem Hospital, Salem