Spaulding North Shore

Inpatient physical medicine and rehabilitation services are available at North Shore Medical Center through our close collaboration with Spaulding Hospital for Continuing Medical Care North Shore, located on our Salem campus. If your NSMC physician recommends you begin physical medicine and rehabilitation, you can opt for great continuity of care by choosing Spaulding North Shore for your care.
Spaulding North Shore Physical Medicine and Rehab patient

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Services

Inpatient Services

If you require physical medicine and rehabilitation during your stay at NSMC Salem Hospital, you will be seen by Richard Zaniewski, D.O., F.A.A.P.M.R., Chief of Rehabilitation Medicine, or Ann-Marie Thomas, MD, both of whom are full-time physiatrists at Spaulding North Shore. Dr. Zaniewski and Dr. Thomas also work with inpatients at Spaulding North Shore.

Outpatient Services

If you need additional treatment or care after you are discharged, you have the option of receiving care at Spaulding North Shore on the Salem campus. There are nine other outpatient locations across the North Shore where physical, occupational and speech therapists from Spaulding North Shore see patients. Dr Thomas also has a specialty outpatient service for MS patients using Baclofen pumps.

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Services

The pulmonary physicians who work in the intensive care unit at NSMC Salem Hospital also manage patients at Spaulding North Shore who are receiving ventilator and pulmonary rehabilitation care. Learn more about pulmonary rehabilitation at NSMC.

In addition, several NSMC physicians are attending physicians at Spaulding North Shore and provide clinical expertise in internal medicine, infectious disease and renal medicine.