NSMC News Releases

North Shore Medical Center Welcomes Dr. Albright

North Shore Medical Center (NSMC) recently hosted Nile L. Albright, M.D., trustee for the Norman H. Read Charitable Trust to view NSMC’s new Robotic Surgery suite, made possible in part by a $300,000 donation by the Read Trust.

Dr. Nile Albright, Robotic Service Coordinator Darcy Nation, C.S.T., Martina Albright, Senior Vice President of Development Sara Andrews and Senior Director of Surgical Services Laurie Lovejoy pose before the tour NSMC Robotic Surgery suite.

NSMC's Robotic Surgery Program is the only one of its kind on the North Shore. The surgical robot enables NSMC surgeons to perform delicate and complex procedures with enhanced precision. During robot-assisted surgery, a highly trained surgeon operates robotic arms while seated at a computer console that provides high-definition, magnified and 3-D views of the surgical site.

"If Mr. Read could understand how his substantial giving has improved the quality of healthcare for thousands of residents of Salem, I believe he would be pleased and proud. We are so grateful to Dr. Albright for continuing this important legacy,” said Sara Andrews, NSMC Senior Vice President of Development.

The Norman H. Read Trust

Established by oil and gas executive Norman H. Read, the Read trust has donated more than $6.2 million to NSMC for research efforts across a range of specialties. The late Mr. Read’s lifetime friend and colleague, Dr. Albright, is a trustee of the Read Trust and has dedicated his career to research-based healthcare and science initiatives. In 2013, NSMC created the Albright Read Institute, which supports research, education and training, and initiatives to improve healthcare services at the Medical Center.