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NSMC Dedicates Brudnick Breast Health Center

Salem, Mass. (April 25, 2019) North Shore Medical Center (NSMC) recently honored the Brudnick family with a formal dedication of the Brudnick Breast Health Center at NSMC Salem Hospital. Jeffrey and Susan Brudnick, of Swampscott, are long-time supporters of the Medical Center and their gift of $500,000 will ensure that North Shore patients have access to state-of-the-art care close to home.

Pictured: Jessica Brudnick holding Cora Brudnick, Susan Brudnick, Olivia Brudnick, Jeffrey Brudnick, Zoe Brudnick, Sandra Brudnick holding Ari Brudnick, NSMC Executive Director of Radiology Margaret Houghton, NSMC Associate Chief of Breast Imaging Joanna Conte ,M.D., NSMC Breast Imaging Operation Manager Pamela Robinson. (Missing from photo: Jason Brudnick, Jonathan Brudnick, Trista Brudnick, Tyler, Owen and Samantha Brudnick and Mark Bergeron)

The Brudnick Breast Health Center’s advanced technology includes 3D mammography and support services that help experts predict a patient’s risk of developing breast cancer.

“The support and commitment from the Brudnick family has enabled us to expand vital services to meet the needs of the women in our community,” says Joanna Conte, M.D., NSMC Associate Chief of Breast Imaging.

The Brudnick Center also offers Breast Tomosynthesis (3D mammography), state-of-the-art technology that provides a more precise view of the breast and enables doctors to more effectively pinpoint the size, shape and location of any abnormalities.

In addition to advanced technology, NSMC has implemented a risk assessment tool at the Center that leads to earlier detection of breast cancer. When patients arrive for a mammogram, they answer survey questions about family history, child birth history and other factors that enable experts to calculate the patient’s lifetime risk of breast cancer.

“This risk assessment tool is helping us save lives,” says NSMC Executive Director of Radiology Margaret Houghton. “It’s led to the early detection of breast cancer for several women, whose cancer would have gone undetected without this tool”.

NSMC’s certified Breast Health Navigators, who provide support services to women diagnosed with breast cancer, are an integral part of the center. Using their clinical expertise, the navigators work as the liaison between the patient and their providers, helping the patient manage their treatment while providing support, education and resources.

“We are so impressed with these new risk assessment tools, ensuring that women can start treatment sooner rather than later,” says Jeffrey Brudnick. “We are proud to support this excellent program here on the North Shore.”


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