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NSMC Receives $1 Million to Launch Robotic Surgery Program: Davenport Family Continues Legacy of Support for NSMC

North Shore Medical Center (NSMC) today announced a $1 million challenge grant from the Davenport Fund to develop a Robotic Surgery Program at NSMC. The Robotic Surgery Program will be the only program of its kind on the North Shore.  

“Adding robotic surgery to NSMC is an exciting advance for our facility and our patients,” says Marc S. Rubin, M.D., Chair of Surgery at NSMC.  

The $1 million donation will support the purchase of a state-of-the-art surgical robot and enable surgeons to perform delicate and complex procedures with enhanced precision. The gift is designated as a ‘challenge’ grant to kick off an additional $1 million fund drive in support of the robotics program. 

A surgical robot is commonly used in prostate surgery as well as in many other surgical disciplines. During robot-assisted surgery, a highly trained surgeon operates robotic arms while seated at a computer console that provides high-definition, magnified and 3-D views of the surgical site. 

“The robot is a remote extension of the surgeon’s own hands but its instrumentation enables finer access, maneuverability and technical precision,” said Rubin. Other advantages of robotic surgery include smaller incisions, reduced pain and discomfort, and faster recovery. 

Meeting the challenge
“We are incredibly grateful for the support of Mike Davenport and his family’s fund, and are optimistic that others in our community will step forward as we strive to raise an additional $1 million in ongoing support,” said Sara Andrews, Senior Vice President of Development at NSMC. Andrews expects that NSMC will acquire a robot this summer and begin using it for urologic and ear, nose and throat procedures in the fall of 2018. 

The Davenport Fund
Since its establishment in 1976, the Davenport Fund has provided $5.2 million in support of infrastructure and other capital improvements at NSMC. Mike Davenport is today a donor to and volunteer for NSMC, continuing the service of his late father, Horace “Davvy” Davenport. The former owner of Pickering Oil Company, Horace moved to Swampscott in the 1930s and became involved in several community organizations including NSMC, where he served on and later chaired the Board of Trustees. In addition to the endowed fund, the Davenport name graces a building on the medical center’s Salem Hospital campus.

“NSMC is a world-class institution and I’m enormously proud and gratified that my family has been able to play a part in its success,” Davenport said. “This gift will ensure patients across the North Shore will continue to have convenient access to the safest and highest quality care.” 


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