Preparing for Your Visit

Request a multidisciplinary evaluation

Call 978.354.2710 to make an appointment. You can also request an appointment packet by emailing us your name, address and phone number

What to expect during the team meeting

During your initial appointment you will meet with a neuropsychologist to determine the testing needs of your child. Testing may be performed by physical or occupational therapists, a neurologist or neuropsychologist, or a child behavioral health specialist.

After your initial appointment our team will meet with you to review results of all testing and discuss recommendations developed by the team. Our nurse practitioner serves as case manager and communicates with referral sources or schools as needed.

Each of our experts’ evaluation will focus on a different functional area of your child. Our goal is to present an integrated picture of a child or adolescent’s physical, educational, developmental, and psychological needs. Collaboration between the evaluation team and the parents, school personnel, and the referral source is part of every evaluation.