Construction Advisory for the Salem Campus

Project Overview

North Shore Medical Center is currently building a new, state-of-the-art power plant on the Salem Campus. When completed, this plant will generate cleaner, safer and more cost-efficient energy for our facilities. At various times over the next several months, this project may impact parking and access to several entranceways.

Project Background

North Shore Medical Center has operated its own central utility plant on the Salem Campus for almost 100 years. Located near the Davenport 4 main entrance facing Highland Avenue, this small building generates steam for heat, hot water and sterilization throughout the facility. It is also the central distribution point for electricity for all of Salem Hospital, including MassGeneral for Children at NSMC.

The new utility plant will employ computer-controlled steam boilers fired by natural gas for greater efficiency. It will also feature a cogeneration – combined heat and power – system to generate approximately 40 percent of NSMC Salem Hospital’s electricity while capturing waste heat that will be used for producing steam for heat and hot water. The facility is expected to be certified by the U. S. Green Building Council as a LEED Silver building.

An additional benefit of the new utility plant will be an added level of security for patients and staff.  By installing duplicate electrical, telephone and data feeds from Highland and Jefferson Avenues, NSMC will be less likely to require emergency generator backup for power or to suffer from lost connectivity to phone and data systems. This approach will help guarantee the continuity of essential services, ensure the security of our patients and create a healthier environment for the community of Salem.

Construction of the new utility plant is expected to take 16–18 months.