Home Sleep Test

home sleep test at boston area hospital
If your physician feels that you may have certain sleep disorders, he or she may order a home sleep test. During this test, you be given a home sleep testing unit that monitors and records your breathing while you are asleep. After the test, your physician will review the results and discuss treatment options with you.

Preparing for your home sleep study

You can pick up the unit at the North Shore Physicians Group Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine practice at 55 Highland Ave, Suite 104 in Salem the day before your study is set to begin. The telephone number is 978.745.4489.

Once you are home, please refrain from taking the unit out of the case until you are ready to go to bed. For accuracy, please follow your nightly routine, and try to go to bed at your normal time. Sleep is crucial to the success of this test. While sleeping on your back will produce the best results, sleeping soundly is more important. To avoid irritation or an allergic reaction, clothing must be worn under the sleep study unit. Many patients find that wearing a long sleeved shirt is best. 

After your test

When you wake in the morning, remove the monitoring device and return it to the carrying case.

Please return the unit to the NSPG practice no later than 9:30 a.m. 

Home sleep tests are scheduled every day so it is important that units are returned so that staff can prepare for the next patients.

If the unit is not returned the day after your test, a charge of $25.00 will apply for each day the unit is not returned.