Heart and Wellness Center

North Shore Medical Center Weight Management Program Heart and Wellness classes
The NSMC Heart and Wellness Center is located at NSMC Union Hospital. The Center is comprised of a nurse practitioner (NP), several registered dieticians (RD) and a registered nurse (RN). Together, they provide patients with counseling on cardiovascular risk factors, exercise prescription and intervention, weight management, and chronic disease management.
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Registered Dietitian consultation
  • Non-surgical weight management candidates are scheduled for a one hour initial consultation with the registered dietician.  The RD will then set up six 30 minute follow-up appointments, which can happen weekly or bi-weekly.
  • After those follow-up meetings are completed, patients see our Medical Director, Klara Rosenquist, MD, for an appointment and evaluation. 
  • Patients then have an additional six follow-up appointments with the RD, followed by a second appointment with Dr. Rosenquist.
Food Journals

Patients are mailed a three-day food log, with instructions on how to complete these journals. The RD will review these journals.
Salem YMCA

Patients in our non-surgical weight loss program are eligible for three months of free membership in the Salem YMCA

Emotional and psychological support

If a patient is struggling with making changes to his or her eating patterns, or if a patient experiences emotional distress, anxiety, depression or other challenges, our physicians and clinical staff may refer the patient for cognitive behavioral therapy through NSMC's Outpatient Mental Health services

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