Salem YMCA Membership

North Shore Medical Center Weight Management Program Salem YMCA classes for program participants
We understand the importance of providing our patients with resources to complement their new healthy lifestyle. We have collaborated with the Salem YMCA in order to offer both non-surgical and surgical patients in our programs full access to the facilities and staff at the YMCA. This access is for three months and is free of charge during that time. 
Program for NSMC Weight Loss Patients

Trainer Katie Partyka at the Salem YMCA will lead orientations and tours of the YMCA facilities for our non-surgical and surgical weight loss patients who have been approved for the three months free membership. Personal training is available to our patients, as well as the option to attend an exercise class that would be open to NSMC weight loss patients only. The aim of the class would be to provide a comfortable setting where we incorporate:
  • basic cardio and muscle conditioning exercises
  • free weights
  • steps
  • stability balls

Katie Partyka
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
Spartan SGX Coach
Spin Certified