Department Staff

Our multidisciplinary, integrated team includes expert surgeons, radiologists and imaging technologists and nurses, all specialized in breast health to provide you with the highest caliber of care in a supportive and patient-friendly manner.

Diagnostic Radiology

Giles Boland, MD
Elise Connell-Boudoya, MD
Phoebe E. Freer, MD
Rachel Hitt, MD
Timonthy Hough, MD
Bethany Niell, MD, PhD
Elizabeth Rafferty, MD
Claudia Reynders, MD
Mansi Saksena, MBBS
Deborah terMeulen, MD

Hematology and Medical Oncology

Jeremy Abramson, MD
Amy Comander, MD
Karen Krag, MD
Carolyn Krasner, MD
Erica Linden, MD
Beverly Moy, MD, MPH
Jerry (WB) Younger, MD


Elizabeth Davis, MD

Radiation Oncology

James McIntyre, MD
Margarita Racsa, MD, MPH


David Martini, MD
Kristin Smith, MD
Jeanne Yu, MD