Gastric Banding Surgeons

North Shore Medical Center offers exceptional gastric banding surgeons.

For patients considering weight loss surgery to address severe obesity, North Shore Medical Center offers an exceptional weight loss surgery program featuring top-rated gastric banding surgeons.

Our history of success and our convenient location mean that North Shore surgery patients receive extraordinary care from top surgeons at a facility close to home. Now in our 11th year, our gastric banding surgeons perform 200 surgeries each year and our patients experience lasting success with losing weight and improving their health.

Is it right for me?

As part of the largest and most successful weight loss surgery program on the North Shore, our gastric banding surgeons have helped more than 1500 patients achieve and maintain significant weight loss.

How our gastric banding surgeons help patients achieve weight loss success

This remarkable success rate is achieved in part through a thorough evaluation process and an extensive post-operative program that includes education, exercise, nutrition counseling and stress test type of cardiac exams. As a Level 1A Bariatric Surgery Center, our services are available to all patients, including those with Medicare or Tufts Health Plan insurance.

How gastric banding surgeons perform a LAP-BAND® procedure.

During a laparoscopic adjustable gastric band surgery, gastric banding surgeons place a LAP-BAND® around the upper part of the stomach. Surgeons tighten the band to create a small pouch that limits stomach capacity to approximately two ounces. This enables patients to feel full more quickly and to not experience hunger between meals. Gastric banding surgeons can adjust the LAP-BAND to make the pouch larger or smaller, depending on the nutritional and weight loss needs of the patient. Gastric banding is minimally-invasive, using microscopic tools inserted through small cuts in the abdomen to perform the surgery. And it is the only surgical weight loss procedure that is reversible, though surgeons make reversals only in extreme cases.

Meet our surgeons at an informational seminar about banding and other gastric surgeries.

Patients interested in gastric banding and other weight loss surgeries can learn more at informational seminars held monthly at NSMC. Patients can meet the surgeons, ask questions, express concerns and receive detailed bariatric surgery information. To learn more or to attend a seminar, click the sign up for an information session blue button above.

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