NSMC Nursing Award Winners, 2019

Nurse Awards 2019
Salem, Mass.

Erlinda Dofitas, RN, Davenport 5, and Eileen Morris, RN, Pacemaker Clinic, were recently awarded the 2019 Eleanor Broadhead Clinical Excellence Award. Michelle Oliver, PCA, Davenport 9, Erin Yates, PCA, Float, Myra Alimagno, RN, Davenport 8 and Kelly Rehman, RN, Davenport 9, were recipients of the 2019 Donald W. Blodgett Exemplary Service Award. Madonna Cruz, RN, Davenport 8 and Stephanie Ferraro, RN, Psychiatry Clinic, received the 2019 Nursing Leadership Award. A new award this year, the 2019 Preceptor of the Year Award, went to Caitlin Conners, RN, Salem Emergency Department. For more information, go here.