Press Items for Department: OB-GYN

Well Guides: How to Run Like a Girl
11/18/2016 - The New York Times
A long time ago (in the 1800s), doctors would tell women that strenuous exercise would make them sterile or cause their uterus to fall out. This should never happen today. Women not only run and have children, but many run throughout their pregnancy. Whether you choose to keep running during pregnancy is a personal decision based on your health, how the baby is doing and how you are feeling throughout the nine months.
10/16/2013 - North Shore Medical Center (NSMC) has been designated as a Center of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery (COEMIG).
A Place to Grow
When Kate Meehan went in for her regularly scheduled ultrasound at 34 weeks of pregnancy, she did not expect a reason to be concerned. Her pregnancy had been progressing without incident and her twins, Liam and Maggie, were healthy and developmentally on track. 
Fast Recovery, Less Pain: New Options for Hysterectomy
Diane Goldenberg underwent a total laparoscopic hysterectomy and says “I can’t believe how quickly I recovered and how good I feel. More women should know about this.”
The Right Choice at the Right Time
For half her life, 28-year-old Stacey Floyd, a first-grade teacher from Lynn, tried various methods for treating her excessively long, painful menstrual periods. Over the years, birth control pills and hormone shots had provided some relief, but constant doctors' visits and debilitating discomfort left Floyd feeling "older than [her] time."
Striking Out Cancer Through Teamwork
Jennifer Flanagan, a vibrant 55-year-old from Marblehead, is one of thousands of NSMC patients who have benefited from the NSMC Cancer Center close collaboration with the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Cancer Center.
Making Miracles
After 18 months of trying to conceive, Melissa Meehan and her husband Matt, of Swampscott, turned to NSMC reproductive endocrinologist Mitchell Rein, M.D., for help.