Press Items for Treatment: hip surgery

Restoration Project: Hip Replacement Surgery Helps Lynn Contractor Maintain Active Lifestyle
As the owner of Story Construction, a company that specializes in new construction, remodeling and repair work, Grant Story is more than familiar with the normal aches and pains associated with labor intensive work. ”Sore muscles come with the territory,” he says. “But it’s usually nothing that a good night’s sleep can’t fix.” In 2014, however, Story began to experience a new type of pain around his lower back, thighs and groin that was not so easily treated. 
On the Move
To say that Marblehead resident and kindergarten teacher Debra Geaney, 63, is an active woman would be an understatement. A former collegiate gymnast, she has enjoyed athletic pursuits over the years, including ski racing, triathlons, biking, spinning, golfing and even piloting planes.
On the Fairway: Danvers Golfer Trades Constant Pain for Hip Replacement
At the advice of his primary care physician, Anthony Conti, a veteran machinist at Hansen Engineering in Danvers and an avid golfer, went to see NSMC orthopedic surgeon William Murzic, M.D. Dr. Murzic was able to relieve the pain with a cortisone injection, but warned Conti that the relief was only temporary. “As soon as my son’s wedding was over the pain returned and I was back in Dr. Murzic’s office scheduling surgery for a total hip replacement.”