Stroke Center

American Heart Association award

We have been awarded the American Heart Association / American Stroke Association Gold Plus Award, as well as a Target: Stroke Honor Roll for Salem.

Designated Stroke Center

We are a designated Stroke Center, which means our emergency department and inpatient units are able to rapidly diagnosis and treat stroke patients and administer brain imaging scans as needed. In collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital neurologists, our physicians conduct patient evaluations and administer clot-busting medications to those who need it.

Call 911 if you think someone is having a stroke.



  • Does the person's face look uneven? Ask him or her to smile so you can check to see if it looks crooked.



  • Does one of the person's arm drift down? Ask him or her to raise both arms. If one arm is lower that is a potential sign of a stroke.



  • Does the person's speech sound strange? Ask him or her to say a simple sentence, such as, "The sky is blue." If their words are garbled or senseless that is a strong sign of a stroke.



  • If you observe any of these three symptoms, call 9.1.1.