Cardiac Exams

Get state-of-the-art cardiac exams at North Shore Medical Center.

Cardiac exams are critical for diagnosing cardiac conditions. State-of-the-art cardiac exams are available at the NSMC Heart Center at North Shore Medical Center, the only fully integrated cardiac care center on Boston's North Shore.

Our comprehensive range of cardiac evaluation services includes:

  • Stress tests--cardiac exams that measure the reaction of the heart to an increase in demand for oxygen.
  • Cardiac ultrasound exams--these identify the size and functional level of the heart muscle and valves.
  • Tilt table exams--these help identify why a patient may be experiencing fainting spells by enabling the patient to faint under controlled conditions.
  • Holter monitors and event monitors– testing devices that determine whether a patient's heart is experiencing irregular rhythms.

By administering these advanced cardiac exams, NSMC cardiologists and cardiac surgeons get a detailed profile of the heart's function. All cardiac exams are administrated by physicians and clinically trained technicians at our cardiac facilities in Salem and Danvers.

A leading provider of cardiac exams and cardiovascular care.

The NSMC Heart Center has been recognized as one of the country's top 100 hospitals for cardiovascular care by Thompson Reuters. Through a long-standing collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital, NSMC has developed world-class cardiology and cardiac surgery programs, including cardiac exams. Working side by side at the NSMC Heart Center, cardio vascular surgeons from NSMC and Massachusetts General Hospital provide the highest levels of care to patients, with nurses, clinical assistants, administrators and support staff delivering professional and compassionate care. This model enables patients to stay close to home during their treatment.

Comprehensive services from exams to cardiac surgery.

In addition to heart examinations, the NSMC Heart Center offers:

  • Angioplasty – a life-saving procedure that can quickly open blocked arteries in patients suffering a heart attack.
  • Electrophysiology – a procedure providing diagnostic treatment for irregular heart rhythm conditions.
  • Heart failure program – this program provides comprehensive education to heart failure patients to help them successfully manage their illness after leaving the hospital.
  • Cardiac rehabilitation – this program helps cardiac patients recover more quickly and reduce their cardiac risk factors through education, exercise and behavioral and nutritional counseling.
  • Advanced cardiac surgery – an integral part of the advanced care Heart Center patients receive.
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