Albright Read Institute

The Albright Read Institute for Healthcare Improvement Science and Medical Research (ARI) funds research, education, and implementation initiatives to improve healthcare services at North Shore Medical Center. A 2013 initial gift of $1.5 million from the Norman H. Read Charitable Trust established the Institute and will provide funding for the first three years.
Nile L. Albright, MD, with Mitchell S. Rein, M.D., Chief Medical Officer and Sr. V.P. Medical Affairs and Duncan Phillips, MBA, Program Director


The Albright Read Institute supports NSMC’s improvement capabilities and priorities. ARI will advance the delivery of healthcare services by focusing on research, design, and then testing those designs.

  • Advancing research, education, training and implementation initiatives to deliver high-quality patient care and a perfect patient experience.
  • Disseminating the results of research and work widely for the betterment of all peoples through publication, presentations and participation in healthcare education forums.