The Albright Read Institute enhances the ability to deliver on the NSMC promise of excellence – to consistently deliver best clinical practices and compassionate, patient-centered care. With resources provided by the Institute, NSMC will achieve better data integrity and statistical analysis and complete higher quality research to truly improve how it cares for patients.

The Albright Read Institute supports a wide range of patient-centered process improvement initiatives including:

  • Deliver care through effective multidisciplinary rounding practices to ensure that our patients and their families remain fully informed and participate in their care.
  • Document goals of care for high-risk patients in our Integrated Care Management Program so that all clinicians can provide care according to the patient’s wishes.
  • Obtain the best possible medication list for our patients arriving in the Emergency Department or admitted for elective surgery.
  • Eliminate all hospital acquired nosocomial c. Difficile infections by elevating our processes to the established known best practice across the continuum of care.

In addition, the ARI team has been building improvement capability at North Shore Medical Center on a variety of levels: