Lung Cancer Screening

How to save a life: Former smoker preaches importance of lung cancer screening

Thanks to a CT scan performed at NSMC Union Hospital, former smoker Maryanne Sheckman of Swampscott caught her lung cancer early and lived to tell the tale.
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Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths, even more than breast, colon and prostate combined. North Shore Medical Center (NSMC) offers patients lung cancer screening using low dose CT scanning. This type of screening utilizes the lowest possible radiation dose and is an effective way to identify lung cancer in its early stages. All examinations are interpreted by NSMC physicians who are board certified in radiology. Patients who are at high risk for developing lung cancer and who meet the criteria listed below should talk with their primary care physician about scheduling a CT scan.  
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Pulmonary Nodule Navigator

NSMC's Pulmonary Nodule Navigator, Amie Samuylov, R.T.R. (C.T.) assists patients who are eligible for the Low Dose CT Lung Cancer Screening Program.

Samuylov has clinical expertise in lung cancer diagnoses. She is available to explain the CT scan screening process and the next steps if follow-up testing is needed. She also ensures that follow-up exams are ordered and scheduled and provides coaching and smoking cessation information to current smokers.

Criteria for a Lung Cancer Screening 

  • Must be between the ages of 55 and 77*
  • Must be a current smoker or have quit in the past 15 years
  • Must be a 30-plus pack year smoker (number of years as a smoker multiplied by number of packs per day)
*Age range may include patients up to 80 depending upon insurance and hospital system. Please consult your physician with any questions.

Hours and Locations

Week day appointments are available at each location with physician referral.