North Shore Medical Center provides anesthesiology services for all inpatient and outpatient procedures, as well as to patients in our Birthplace. Our anesthesiologists also consult on pain management, airway management, pulmonary and cardiovascular assessment, and patient resuscitation and follow-up care. Anesthesiologists work closely with highly-trained nurses to ensure the safety of comfort of our patients. Learn more
NSMC patient speaks with her anesthesiologist prior to surgery.

Injecting Hope into a Lifetime of Pain

Jill Joyce, a 36-year-old Lynn science teacher, found relief through physicians at NSMC. “NSMC’s pain program has given me my life back. Before my treatment, standing in front of my classroom was a challenge and sitting was not an option...”    Read more

Pre-surgery Assessment at NSMC

Pre-surgery assessment patient speaks with an NSMC anesthesiologist.
The pre-surgery assessment is the first step in ensuring that your surgery goes smoothly. This page will help you understand what to expect and what resources are available to patients.  Read more