Patient and Family Support

Continuing support for patients with diabetes

Making long-term lifestyle changes and closely managing your diabetes can be a difficult and complex process. Long-term follow up includes individual appointments and a professionally led peer support group.

The NSMC Diabetes Support group meets once a month and includes topics ranging from yoga and meditation, meatless meal demos and diabetes health related issues. Our patients gain valueable insight  from their peers, as well as the various guest speakers that speak at the monthly support groups.

Additional diabetes support programs:

  • Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Program for those with heart disease and risk factors including diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol
  • Exercise center featuring treadmills, rowers and weights
  • Fitness and strength training classes
  • Reiki, yoga, and pilates classes
  • Stress management classes
  • Diabetes Basics: A wonderful resource for our patients, from the American Diabetes Association.