Emergency Medicine

Emergency medicine services at North Shore Medical Center include adult and pediatric emergency departments on the NSMC Salem Hospital campus, and an adult emergency department at NSMC Union Hospital in Lynn. Our emergency medicine physicians care for more than 90,000 patients every year. We have a Cardiac Point of Entry Center and a Level III Trauma Center at NSMC Salem Hospital, and Salem and Union hospitals have Gold Plus and Silver Plus ranked Stroke CentersRead more

Marisela Marrero, ER physician at NSMC

North Shore Medical Center Emergency Department Level Three Trauma and Stroke Center
Marisela Marrero, an ER physician at NSMC, has overcome great challenges and excelled at the highest levels to achieve her dreams.  Learn more

Integrated Care and Rapid Evaluation

The ICARE team at NSMC's Emergency Department has reduced treatment times, enhanced patient flow and improved the overall patient experience. Watch video