Nursing Recognition

Exceptional NSMC nurses who achieve clinical and service excellence every day are recognized and celebrated in an award ceremony that takes place in May. These awards include the Blodgett Award, the Broadhead Clinical Excellence Award, the Broadhead Clinical Nursing Excellence Award in Advanced Practice, and the Nursing Leadership Award. The Department of Surgery also holds an annual award ceremony, where nursing recipients nominated by the surgeons with whom they work are given a Clinical Excellence and Professionalism Award.
NSMC nurses receiving awards

Broadhead Clinical Excellence Award 2013

The Eleanor Broadhead Award for Nursing Clinical Excellence is designed to recognize a professional nurse who exemplifies the North Shore Medical Center organizational values through his / her clinical practice.

Judy Gallagher, R.N., NSMC Salem Hospital, PACU

Broadhead Clinical Nursing Excellence Award for Advanced Practice 2013

Lisa Gouldthorpe, R.N., Inpatient Psych Services

Blodgett Award 2013

This award recognizes a Registered Nurse and a Technical / Nursing Assistant practicing on a Medical /Surgical Unit on the Salem campus. Nominees for this annual award demonstrate holistic and compassionate care for our most vulnerable patients with multiple clinical needs.

Juan Carino, T.N.A., NSMC Salem Hospital, Phippen 6/7

ALSO:  Cathy Olson, R.N., NSMC Salem Hospital Davenport 9

Nursing Leadership Award 2013

The Nursing Leadership Award is designed to recognize a nursing leader who exemplifies the professional nurse and the organizational values of North Shore Medical Center through his / her managerial and leadership skills.

  • Donna Y. Barrett, R.N., Director of Medical Surgery  NSMC Union Hospital
In 2013, Lisa Cavallaro, R.N., Nurse Manager of the Birthplace, was a finalist for the March of Dimes Nurse of the Year Award.

Department of Surgery Clinical Excellence and Professionalism

NSMC Salem Hospital:

  • PACU Anesthesia: Lori Anketell, R.N.
  • Phippen 7 Patient Care Services: Caitlin Ciampa, R.N. 
  • Main General Surgery Operating Room: Gary P. Lambert, R.N.
  • Davenport 7 Marian B. Cornejo-Suela, R.N.
  • Main General Surgery Operating Room: Bonnie A. Sweet
NSMC Union Hospital:

  • Surgicenter: Lisa T. Aiello
  • Post Anesthesia Care Unit: Lois M. Cakounes, R.N.
  • West 1 Patient Care Services: Katelyn Ferguson, R.N.
  • West Ground Patient Care Services: Joseph C. Ferrer, R.N.
  • Operating Room: Ann M. Fisher, R.N.
  • Union Operating Room: Hubert Simon
  • Operating Room: Patricia A. Wakeham

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Schwartz Compassionate Caregiver Award