Neurodevelopmental Center

The Neurodevelopmental Center provides comprehensive assessments, consultation and follow-up services to individuals from birth through adulthood with developmental, attention, social-emotional and behavioral problems. Our comprehensive assessments are designed to provide a better understanding of an individual's difficulties at home, school and at the workplace.
Neurodevelopmental care at North Shore Medical Center

Neurodevelopmental Conditions Treated

  • Attention and organizational disorders (ADD, ADHD, etc.)
  • Developmental disorders (autism, PDD, Asperger’s disorder, mental retardation)
  • Pervasive developmental delay (autism-spectrum disorders, Asperger's syndrome)
  • Neurological disorders (head injury, seizures)
  • Learning disabilities
  • Social-emotional disorders (anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder)

Neurodevelopmental Services

  • Psychological/personality assessment
  • Neuropsychological assessment
  • Psychoeducational assessment
  • School and professional consultation
  • Time-limited family and individual therapy (for children and adolescents with identified learning and/or attention issues)
  • Social skills group (for children with identified learning issues)

Social Skills Group, Wednesdays  4-5 p.m., Feb 5 - April 

Our social skills group helps children develop an understanding of social relationships and the social communication skills necessary to succeed in those relationships through interactive, experiential activities with peers. Simultaneously, parents/caregivers will participate in a parent education group designed to enhance social coaching skills. 

The group is appropriate for children ages five through ten with a variety of cognitive, developmental, social-emotional, attentional and behavioral difficulties and their parents/caregivers. 

Contact us with questions or to register: 978.354.2705