Robotic Surgery

NSMC is proud to launch its state-of-the-art robotic surgery program in 2018. This program, the only one of its kind on the North Shore, enables physicians to use a surgical robot to perform delicate and complex procedures with enhanced precision. During robotic surgery, a trained surgeon operates robotic arms from a console that provides intricate 3D images of the surgical site. The robot is a remote extension of the surgeon’s own hands with its instrumentation that enables finer access, maneuverability and technical precision. Advantages of robotic surgery include smaller incisions, reduced pain and discomfort and a faster recovery.

Our Surgical Team

The physicians, surgeons, nurses and other members of the surgical care team have been specially trained to care for you. From performing complex surgeries to providing the highest quality post-operative care, our team strives to make your surgical experience the very best possible. The NSMC surgery team, includes top-ranked surgeons from both North Shore Medical Center and Massachusetts General Hospital. NSMC is also repeatedly recognized for exemplary outcomes in surgical patient care.

Our collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital

North Shore Medical Center maintains a long-standing collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital, which gives you access to world-class care right in your community. NSMC and MGH work closely together, sharing common quality and safety standards, best practices, a common medical record and a team approach to caring for patients.

Many of our surgeons are either on staff at MGH or work side-by-side MGH experts at our collaborative surgical practice in the Mass General/North Shore Center for Outpatient Care in Danvers. MGH also provides NSMC’s anesthesia service in both Salem and in Danvers. By bringing together these talents experts in a convenient location, NSMC offers patients on the North Shore the best choice for care.